• TOP QUALITY PRODUCT We are involved in all the stages of the production of the crop so that we can guarantee excellence in our products.
  • QUALIFIED STAFF Only qualified staff ensures the best product.
  • UNFORGETABLE FACILITIES Only with the best facilities and the best microclimate can you offer a product of such quality as our tomatoes.
  • PRIVILEGED ENVIRONMENT An environment like Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Almería, provides a unique product. We care about, we respect and we are committed to sustainability.


At the moment Almería has reached a very high level of knowledge on the part of the investigators of the sector, The field technicians and farmers, where everyone goes looking for solutions to the challenges that arise.

And here is where Leon Quality wants to highlight its great R & D & I effort by working closely with the scientific world, field technicians, producers and marketers.

Trying to obtain a product of maximum quality In this aspect we want to highlight the importance of the correct use of chemical treatments and the social commitment that we must all acquire to preserve the persistence of such important species as bees, bumblebees, etc.

From the experience of Leon Quality we can say that our production model is a model committed to the environment based on the agricultural traditions of southern Spain.